Camila Gomes, 34 years old, born in Santos/SP. Works in the area of augmented reality as a filter and personalized GIFs developer for social networks. She’s also a tarologist, graduated in History and volunteer in the social project Princesas Caiçaras.


My name is Camila Gomes, I was born on the 18th of July, 1988. I am from Sao Paulo state coast.

Journalism was my first option in college, as I thought I’d be joining my passion for writing with my will to be heard (that is much bigger than to be seen), but I ended up quitting one year before graduation. Then, I moved to Australia, where I lived for 2 years, improved my English and worked with customer services. When I came back to Brazil, I had the opportunity to put into practice my journalistic skills as a radio announcer and reporter.

By 2012, I started working as a volunteer in a group called Princesas Caiçaras, whose main purpose is the assistance to children in vulnerable situation through charitable actions. In 2014, I participated in projects for the brand Sereismo, alongside Bruna Tavares and such partnership earned us the chance to launch assorted products with mermaid theme.

I graduated as a historian after I realized that my efforts to study monarchies and other historical events could be much more than just a personal interest to spend my free time with. I then specialized in Romanov dynasty, recorded some videos and wrote a few articles about it, but the truth is that anything that involves ancient times or art fascinates me – and my house could easily be a museum considering the amount of antiques I have in my collection, lol.

In 2020, while the world was facing so many unexpected impacts and changes, I took the opportunity to rethink my beliefs, redirected my goals and proudly co-founded, alongside some fellow partners, Selena MKT, a digital marketing agency created and ran 100% by women. It was through Selena that the interest in learning about augmented reality and developing filters for Instagram came to light. In order to focus on my new projects, I left Selena MKT, but my work with Instagram filters continues to this day.

As you’ve already noticed, I have no limits when it comes to learn new things. One day, out of nowhere, I woke up determined to learn tarot. Yes, you read it right. I started with Nei Naiff‘s books and, initially, I thought I would keep this knowledge to myself… little did I know! I ended up falling in love, getting involved and wanting to know more and more. When I realized that I really wanted to use the tarot to help people, I went after online courses and discussion groups. Fortunately, my crazy journey has been lit up with lots of sun!

A curiosity: months after discovering Nei Naiff’s work, he became my filter client! Well, you may think that my career choices throughout life have been totally random, but I believe that when paths cross and coincidences like this happen, it’s a sign that something right we’re doing…